Monday, 2 February 2015

The one about prejudice

Dear Josephine,
I always thought, I'd be the last one to be prejudiced against anyone else, but than I realised, that this isn't true. It's not, that I'm prejudiced against people, that look or think different from me. 
I am prejudiced against the girls in school, that have their neckline till their belly button and wear three layers of make up. The girls, that hook up with boys, that are five years older than them and have horrible grades. I always thought, that these girls don't care about anyone else than themselves and are not interested in anything else than their look or their boyfriends. But just the other day they've shown me, that I am wrong.
I was sitting in the cafeteria, eating my lunch. As usual I was sitting alone - I'm kind of a loner and the people, that claim themselves my friends are obviously way to cool to sit next to me. So I was eating alone and than there were three of this girls on the table next to me. I don't really noticed than, but than, one of them came over and was like: "Do you want to come over and eat with us?" and I was like: "What?!" I didn't say that straight into her face, but I was very surprised about this offer. And of cause I said yes, because it's not very funny to eat all on your own. And it isn't healthy either.
At this day, something changed inside my head. I always knew, that you can't tell people by the way they look and by their grades, but there always was this little voice that told me otherwise. Now it's gone. I'm not friends with this girls, not at all, but I've learned to accept them in the way they are. And that their "bitchy" look doesn't make them bad people. Even my "friends" didn't want to sit next to me, but they came over. And I appreciate that. If they want to wear tons of make up, than that's totally fine - if I don't have to be like them.
Dear Fine, I think the point, of what I want to tell you, is: There may (or may not) be some people, that seem crazy to you and you immediately think: I don't like them. That's totally okay. But never forget, that the fact, that you don't like them, doesn't make them bad people. Maybe they could be your best friends and you'll never know, because you say: "Naaaa, I don't want to talk to them." I hope, that you can at least try to treat everyone with the same high amount of respect, they deserve - no matter, if you are prejudiced against them or not.
Your sincerely, Elisabeth.

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