Friday, 13 February 2015

The one about the 13th of February

Dear Josephine,
the 13th of February in this year is a Friday and all people can think about is, that Friday the 13th brings you misfortune. (And that it is Valentines Day tomorrow.) What they forget, is, that the 13th of February really did bring misfortune, even know, it wasn't a Friday. On the 13th of February 1945, Dresden, a city I live nearby, was bombed and razed to the ground.
Of cause I wasn't even born back than, but the people here don't give you a chance to forget about the horrible things that happened during the second world war. I don't know if you live in an area where there was or is a war, but if you see pictures of a beautiful city you've often been to, when it was totally disturbed, you can't think of anything else than: I don't want this to happen again. It's not only that so many people die, because of wars. With them goes a culture, so many facts we'll never know, because the ones, who could have told us about it, don't live any more. 
I know, that I usually write you very much, but today, I want to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Dresden: 1945  and 2015. The pictures on the right were shot from the same angle. Can you imagine, how much work it took to build this city up again?
The Frauenkirche: On the left picture you see it's original version as it was in 1880 till 1945. In the middle you see a picture of this beautiful church in 1954 - it was like this from 1945 till 1990, when the German zones reunited. On the right you see it as it is nowadays. You see the difference between the original and it's newer version, but it is also a sign of how you can thrive again, after war.
Again the Frauenkirche, but this time from another angle. The statue (which i've marked you with this red circles and which shows of Martin Luther) stayed at the same position, but look at the church in the Background.
A statue on top of the city hall looking down on the city centre. 1954 and 2015.
Dear Fine, I don't know if you understand, what I want to tell you, but when I see this pictures, I nearly start crying. It's horrible, what people can do and there is no excuse for anything, that happened in the second world war.
Today is the 70th anniversary of the Allied firebombing in Dresden. It happened in the night, nobody saw it coming, hundreds of people died. How could we forget about this? 
In the evening their will be Nazi demonstrations, because they've understand absolutely nothing. They see this pictures and don't know, what their opinion has to do with them, but it's their fault, that this horrible things happened. But there will also be a demonstration against the Nazis. People will come together and build a human chain and stand up against the things, that happened during the second world war. 
If I could ask for one thing, than I would ask for no more war. Not this year. Not the next year. Never again in our upcoming history. There's always the possibility to clarify fights with words and not guns. Please always think about this first and about all the horrible things, that come along with a war.
Yours sincerely, Elisabeth.

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