Sunday, 7 December 2014

The one about the things that happend in Ferguson

Dear Josephine,
It's sad to know, that we have to live in a world, where racism starts getting stronger and stronger from day to day. I don't know where you are from or what you think about this things - maybe you are against black people - but I don't think that anybody has the right to be against anybody, because we are all humans and that's, what matters. If you put people from every nation into a black chamber, you couldn't tell, who's black or white - it wouldn't make a difference and that's what people should think like. 
What happend in Ferguson is unacceptable and we should always stand up for those things until everything is finally fair. As far as I know, racism and treating black people like they are not as worth as white ones is not rare in the US - but I'm just a small girl from Europe.
Racism exists here too - you may have heared about the refugees from the near east and africa, that cross the mediterranean sea with small fishermans boats and ask for sanctuary in the states of Europe. If they are allowed to stay, which shouldn't be a question if you ask me (why can't we be like "Hello and welcome" instead of "Hm, let's see if you are allowed to stay"), they get distributed over the states of the EU and every states has to care for the same amount of refugees - in the ideal case. But there are lot's of people that say: "We don't want them to stay here, we are afraid, they might kill us or steal our money." That's completely stupid, but they're panicking, because the situation is completely new to them and forget to think. Other than in the US here in Europe it doesn't really make, a difference, if you are black or white - you'll get treated the same and no one will say, that you are guilty, just because you have a different skin color. But that's only what I experienced.
If you ask me, there should not be a difference between anyone. It shouldn't matter if you are from Egypt or Irak, from Korea or South Africa, from the US or Russia, because we are all the same and just look different. You can't tell people without knowing them and you can't blame someone by his look. That's a general thing our society needs to learn: Not the externalities count, but the heart.
Dear Fine, I'm just a little girl, but I thing, that everybody can make a difference. If you are a bit like me and scared, what people may think about you, if you make a huge political statement, try it in the small version. For example you could write "I can't breathe" on your wrist. You could make yourself a shirt with this sentence or leave small sheets of paper in your classrooms with just this three words. (Ok, four words, but you know what I mean.) You can start a discussion in your politics class (if you have one) or just talk about it with your friends. Make small steps, raise awareness, let people know about the situation and once they know you can stick together and stand up stronger for what is right.
Yours sincerely, Elisabeth.

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