Monday, 3 November 2014

The one about your own opinion

Dear Josephine,
as soon as you're in school it's all about your own opinion. "What do you think about this?", "What do you think about that?" and so on. In general I really like this. You share your ideas with others, think about problems and how to solve it. You learn about the world while your mind tells you, what you like, what you support and what you hate. But at one point there's this one person, that thinks, that you don't know anything about anything and that your opinion is generally wrong.
First of all: No opinion is wrong and at least not in general. Every opinion has it reasons and you have the right to think, what you want. Sometimes you might miss a point, but thats no excuse to call your opinion wrong, no matter what you think.
When I disagree with someone I never say, that their opinion is wrong. How could I know if my opinion isn't the one, which is wrong? Instead I accept the way they think and try to tell them the reasons for my ideas. Sometimes the people understand me and agree with me afterwards. Sometimes this people try their best to make me agree with their thoughts and it works. And sometimes we go different ways - or even the same - knowing, that we have different opinions and it's okay.
Dear Fine, never let anyone tell you, what you should think or not.
Yours sincerely, Elisabeth.

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